Did you know?

According to Gallup’s 2021 report, 57% of employees in the US and Canada reported feeling stressed on a daily basis. “The Gallup study reports that among the least happy and least engaged employees — those with the lowest well-being scores — the annual per-person cost of lost productivity due to sick days is upward of $28,000. The sick-day lost-productivity cost among the happiest and most engaged workers: $840 a year.”

Inner Purpose is now offering educational workshops!

Inner Purpose, LLC is now offering Wellness workshop’s for businesses to offer employees in order to reduce stress and promote well-being in the workplace. Research suggests high levels of employee stress leads to decreased productivity, increased absenteeism, and overall low employee moral. This program is designed to assess your employee’s stress levels, job satisfaction, identify areas of improvement in the workplace, and teach practical and valuable skills for employees to cope with everyday personal and professional life stressors. The program includes 5 sessions of specialized assessments, skill building, and experiential exercises with the option for additional sessions to be included. Contact us for further information and package pricing.

Program Content:

-Work life/balance
-Defining good/bad stress
-Unhealthy/healthy coping skills
-Communication skills/Interpersonal Effectiveness
-Challenging negative thoughts
-Distress tolerance/emotion regulation
-Time management
-Therapy and additional reading resources